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Dear Customers,

As of April 13th 2016, Alex Iouriev and Euro Plus Centre have opened auto repair shop at new location.
Our new garage is bigger, brighter and overall better than old one.
Find us on  Google maps: 3809 16th Street SE, AB T2G 4W5
Call us at: (403) 399-7950


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Calgary one stop auto repair shop Euro+ Centre Ltd.Euro+ Centre  –  is Calgary's one stop auto repair service shop providing comprehensive car care services for all passenger vehicle and tracks. Our goal is to keep clients' vehicles running safely, efficiently and at full power with low maintenance/repair costs.

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Scheduled maintenance of a vehicle at Euro+ Centre LtdHaving your vehicle on scheduled maintenance at Euro+ Centre is the best and the most cost efficient way to avoid any unexpected failures or expensive repairs in future. Not only do you keep your vehicle delivering expected performance you love but it is also the best way to protect the value of your investment. Euro+ Centre has the most updated tools and equipment, trained specialists, access to current maintenance specifications and a wide range of parts, necessary to properly maintain your vehicle’s safety and reliability for years to come.

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Any vehicle brought to Alberta from another province must pass the "Out of Province Motor Vehicle Inspection" before it can be registered in Alberta. Or vehicle should pass the "Out of Province Motor Vehicle Inspection" within three months of being brought into the province. This inspection is a basic safety and mechanical fitness assessment which involves major vehicle components including:

  • fuel and exhaust systems,
  • all electrical
  • braking systems
  • engine controls
  • suspension
  • power-train
  • drive-line
  • steering
  • tires
  • glass
  • defrosters
  • wipers
  • etc.,


Videos from 31 March 2013 PDF

We had 6 SUV:

doing this early spring trail for quads covered by mixture of dirt, stones, snow and wet ice. This was not a relaxing ride neither for people nor for vehicles. At some points we tough we couldn't make it without major losses. But everything went well. A lot of adrenalin went through our veins, but everybody and everything got home. These clips are shot by Jones, Alexey, Alexander and others. Enjoy. Comments are welcome.

One last thing:

If you are thinking to prepare your vehicle for this summer off-road season, use the form on the right

Safety inspection for insurance PDF

In accordance with regulations in Alberta, all insurance companies require any vehicle older than 12 years to pass safety inspection in order to determine that it is roadworthy and safe to operate on public roads. Only then vehicle can be insured and vehicle registration issued/renewed.

At Euro+ Centre we are not just checking what is mandatory, but also will advise you on overall condition of your vehicle. Check our FREE SERVICES.

Price:  $40.00 (GST not included)

Breaks repair PDF

Breaks replacement at Euro+ CentreYour vehicle’s brake system is critical to your safety and safety of many others on the road. Usually, your brakes give you a warning signal when there is danger. If you brake screech, squeak or grind or your brake pedal feel soft or vibrating , and for sure if you see  a brake pads warning light it`s time to visit Euro+ Centre shop for complete brake check. The brake checkup include inspection of brake pads, rotors, wheel cylinders, brake fluid condition ,  and other critical system components.

Our BREAK CHECK is FREE of charge.



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